Directions to quality cheap tyres in hull


Click twice on the plus sign on the map to bring the street names into view

These are the directions to the best part worn tyre fitting service in the Hull area. The team at MEGA TYRE SALES are totally committed to customer satisfaction. We here at MEGA TYRE SALES believe that no amount of money can buy, what the weight of a satisfied customers word brings with it. Although we do use varying forms of advertising, especially being a local business! We aim to have word of mouth as our primary source of attracting new customers as we continue to deliver the best prices and a truly personal service.

Whatever your cheap tyre needs, whether part worn, new tyres, budget tyres, in fact anything we can do to help keep your car on the road on healthy safe tyres, to avoid you getting points on your Licence (an overworn tyre equals three points on your Licence.) Simply follow the directions on the Map & we will endeavor to do all we can to get you safely back on the road as cheaply as we possibly can. Yes in these hard times, it pays to try MEGA TYRE SALES. We are sure after just one visit you will agree with us.